The best place to be

Close to his heart!

In the presence of God you can relax., find your recovery, security and peace.

He is a refuge; with him you are safe!
With him we can handle any situation..
This is what we need so much in this world
 which is becoming increasingly restless.

Worship on location

We are happy to take your home group or church to the heart of God the father. The best place to be in all circumstances! We come in a small setting (vocals, guitar, piano) but also in consultation with a band.


Hans is a passionate speaker and would love to come to your house group or church!

Caring for orphans and widows

Our hearts go out to the widows and orphans. During our mission trips we pay a lot of attention to this. If you support us, you support these women and children.

Latest news

Closer to his heart with Welcome Home Team to Romania
Een reis om nooit te vergeten. Na 3 voorbereidingsavonden konden we niet wachten om te gaan! De eenheid die we in de voorbereidingen ervaarden is de hele reis gebleven. Elkaar dienen en de enorm fijne, spontane worship tijden hebben de toon gezet voor een fantastische week. God sprak 's morgens al wat Hij die dag […]
Huge thanks
We zijn heel erg dankbaar voor alle giften die we mogen ontvangen voor de reis naar Roemenië en ook speciaal voor de voedselpakketten. Wat ontzettend bemoedigend! Er kwamen ook nog wat vragen naar ons toe over de voedselpakketten.Die gaan we hieronder beantwoorden! Nemen jullie de voedselpakketten mee vanuit Nederland? Nee, we gaan daar ter plaatse […]
To Romania together with Stichting Welkom Thuis 28 nov. t/m 5 dec. 2023
For the second time this year we travel to Romania. This time together with our dear friends from Stichting Welkom Thuis. How nice it is to work together, to strengthen each other and now to be able to make this journey together. For some, flying for the first time, the first time on a mission trip, [...]
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We regularly provide worship at various locations. A speech is also one of the possibilities.

Would you like us to come to you? Please contact us and discuss the possibilities!


If you have a warm heart for our work, you can support us with a one-time, monthly or annual donation.

Who we are

We are Hans and Rolinka, founders of 
Closer to His Heart Ministries.

In everyday life, we are the happy parents/grandparents of a total of 4 children and 3 grandchildren and Rolinka works part-time in a care institution.
We have recently been living with great pleasure in the heart of Veenendaal.
Nice that you take a look at our website, who knows goodbye!

Stay Close to His Heart ♡

Hans & Rolinka

Our mission

Bringing people closer to the father's heart of God through worship, speaking and missionary journeys.

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