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Dija uit Kosovo ernstig ziek
Onze zeer geliefde Dija Mustafa heeft onze hulp nodig!Zelf door de enorme trauma van de oorlog heengegaan, is zij onvermoeibaar in het uitreiken naar de kwetsbare ouderen van het Dignity project in Gjakova. Zij weet ze te vinden en hun vertrouwen te winnen. Nu is ze zelf ziek en gaat een enorm zware tijd tegemoet […]
Outreach Romania Report February 2023
We kijken met een dankbaar hart terug op de outreach naar Roemenië. Met een klein team (Hans, Danny en Frits) hebben we mogen helpen door te klussen, te spreken, aanbiddingstijden te leiden, te bidden en te profeteren over mensen. De rode draad is altijd weer liefde, relatie en contacten leggen.Nieck is zo'n netwerker (van stichting […]
Travel Report Romania Conference
This week Hans has been allowed to speak in 4 rural villages. Specifically in Roma congregations this time, at the invitation of the pastor, where Hans spoke the previous trip. There was a spiritual click, and a hunger for more teaching from God's word. In his early childhood, this was literally Hans ' dream, to move from village to [...]
Conference Of Romania
October 27 to november 2, 2022 the previous trip Hans spoke in the municipality of Casa Painii in Bahnea, the municipality of Pastor Nelu Cocos and his wife Anca. At the end of October, he and Rolinka will return to this congregation to teach worship at a conference. He will also work in various [ ... ]
Romania Construction Project Report 2022
My time in Romania is over. It was an intense journey but I am so thankful for what God has done. A few days after my arrival in Cluj-Napoca, a team from the Netherlands came to help with the project. It was nice to put our hands together [...]
Agenda Romania 6-15 September
6 September Hans flies to Cluj-Napoca from Eindhoven 7 September visit to Frank & Rita Stout and their family, who have been working at the Pata Rat garbage dump in Cluj for years 8 September Team from the Netherlands arrives. Get to know each other and get started to further develop the guest house. 9/10/11 SeptemberIn the weekend worship [...]
Travel to Romania
After having to cancel the trip in the month of July due to the death of our (father-in-law, loyal supporter and participant in trips to Kosovo, we can now announce that the trip will still take place in September 2022. This trip is going to look a little different than originally planned. I (Hans) will not go to [...]
Travel to Romania delayed
Due to personal family circumstances, Hans had to cancel the trip to Romania. At least for now. He hopes to go at a later date and help Nieck with the guest stay! (see previous message)
Let's go to Romania and Hungary!
One more minute and then I, Hans, leave for Romania for two weeks. Our friends Nieck and Emma have been running the 'building with a mission'foundation for years. They live with their two kids in Cluj-Napoca, and use their time and talents there to support local people in times of need.
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