Travel Report Romania Conference


Travel Report Romania Conference

This week Hans has been allowed to speak in 4 rural villages. Specifically in Roma congregations this time, at the invitation of the pastor, where Hans spoke the previous trip. There was a spiritual click, and a hunger for more teaching from God's word.

In his early childhood, this was literally Hans ' dream, to go from village to village to tell the gospel and sing with his guitar and testify to God's love.. This was literally happening now.

We saw that many people made a choice for Jesus and indicated that they wanted to follow him. Also, people were filled with the Holy Spirit, freed from fear, and others gained new insights into the word of God. So nice to have been a part of this. It was so precious for us to be a guest in the Roma culture. What beautiful people, what hospitality, what delicious food, and how these people can sing loudly and enthusiastically and beautifully!!!

Hans is translated by Pastor Nelu Cocos
This church was opened this day! Another church, now for the people of Bagaciu.
A warm greeting, even before we entered the church.
Here people literally came in from the street, so catchy it was to hear the worship!
We also prayed with them.
Praying together for an elderly couple from one of the congregations.
A very dedicated team of worshippers, who make their golden voices heard in several congregations every Sunday.
People who came forward to be free from fear, or to be filled with the Holy Spirit.


We ended the week with a visit to Teen Challenge together with Nieck. For the 2nd time we were allowed to speak and encourage and prophesy here about the lives of these beautiful boys who are in a phase of rehabilitation to get rid of their addiction. (No pictures for their privacy.)

Very nice to be allowed into such a group, to see them open up in such a difficult phase of their lives. The meetings were very special, and this will definitely be continued!!

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