Outreach Romania Report February 2023


Outreach Romania Report February 2023

We look back with a grateful heart on the outreach to Romania.
With a small team (Hans, Danny and Frits) we were able to help by doing chores, speaking, leading worship times, praying and prophesying about people. The common thread is always love, relationship and making contacts.
Nieck is such a networker (of Stichting Bouwen with a mission) who brings us into contact with Teen Challenge and the municipality in Bachnea. These have now become precious contacts where a good relationship is emerging.

Hans and Pastor Gusti in Sighișoara, a friend of Nelu who do many things together as congregations.
This is a Roma municipality with many connections among the Roma population in Greece.


Nieck and Emma's House is almost ready. They can almost live there with their family of now 3 children. This week we sautéed, placed the stove, laid the floor and put some final touches on the I. We wish Nieck and Emma a very prosperous move from here!


In the Roma community in Bachnea of Nelu and Anca Cocos, Hans was again allowed to speak at a conference on the understanding of God's voice. This was a very special time. People are like sponges and drink in what is said. The desire arose in many people to be filled with the Holy Spirit in order to have an even more intimate relationship with God and to be guided by his spirit. Adult men wept tears of happiness because they spontaneously received the tongue language when they prayed for filling with the Holy Spirit. The whole team prayed and / or prophesied about people. God is doing beautiful things in this church and it was precious to be a part of it. Also in other congregations in the area we were allowed to be a blessing by speaking, leading worship or giving testimonies.

Roma Church in Laslau Mic

Distribute food packages.

In the village of Ormenis where Timothy (brother of Nelu) is pastor, we were allowed to bring 15 food packages. Some of them we gave ourselves. It is so special to be able to walk into these families, the joy that people come especially for them is great, and they show a heartwarming hospitality. People are very open to prayer, encouragement and singing together. Timothy then translated. What special people!

15 bags of groceries to hand out

Teen Challenge

At Teen Challenge there were a lot of new guys. Again this time we were allowed to encourage, pray and prophesy. There is not always much to tell about it, but we know and believe that God's words never return empty. We may sow seeds of love and hope in their lives. And look at nature and what is in God's word: the seed always rises when there is good soil in which it is sown! So is God. (Matthew 13: 8,9)

The guys are always looking forward to when we come back. 2 of them came to help nieck and Emma for a day on Wednesday.

Our gratitude is great, that we have the opportunity to go and distribute in the way that suits us. With the support of many of you, through gifts and by having prayers and encouragers around us. Thank you very much for that!

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